Monday, September 3, 2012

Horsing Around!

                                     His First time seeing a horse and the one mommy
                                                   rode! her name was Lacy :)


                                      Daddy showing Micah the horse her name was
                                                               Dotty :)


Micah and Mommy on a horse, his name was
Rocket :)

Dotty, Lacy, Patches, Rocket, & Hawki (the dog)

   Today was a lot of fun, it was Micah's first horsey ride! He seemed to love it.. He smiled and i bet was wondering what a horse is and wow this is a fun ride! He got to see 4 horses! Anthony (dad) and Grandmas friends own horses so we went to West Haven to ride! It was really nice of them.. Can't wait till he's older and can ride by himself, love my lil cowboy! :)

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