Thursday, May 3, 2012

Micah Xavier Savage born 8:50 p.m May 1st of 2012 @ Ogden Regional Hospital weighting 6 pounds 1 oz 18 inches long. Yes i had my baby boy Micah, it was the most emotional moment of my entire life. The funny thing is i didn't think i was going to have him that day but i had him because i couldn't pee, funny huh? Well.. it all started the night before i had him. I got up to go to the bathroom and i couldn't pee! I tried and tried but nothing, i was in the MOST miserable pain i had ever been in. So that afternoon after my sister Laura received her big flat screen t.v we headed to the doctors office after making a call. My midwife Marri Stuart put a catheter in me to help me pee, i drained a liter and a half of pee! Since i was dilated to a 5 she told me to go to the hospital (Ogden Regional) to be put on a monitor. When i got there they got me all situated so i tried peeing and nothing came. Somehow the baby was situated on my bladder so i could not pee. Guess what happens next? I had to have this baby. I then called my mom, my fiance Anthony, and all my siblings to let them know i was going to have Micah that night. My fiance Anthony soon came and was there with me while they put the epidural in me, it didn't hurt at all! The nurse was quite surprised it didn't hurt. After that had put the epidural in me my whole lower half started to get numb then my midwife Marri Stuart came to break my water, it felt like a water balloon popped on me. My mom showed up as well as Anthony's mom. Moments later i was at an 8! i was getting really scared.. the nurse came in and it was time yet my midwife wasn't there yet! So... they had to call and it took about 20 minutes which felt more like 2 hours I could feel him coming but i was relaxing the best i could. Marri then showed up and it was time, I started pushing and 30 minutes later i received the best Mother's day gift i could ever receive. It was so heart warming, emotional, and i was so happy to have met my little baby boy Micah. These moments last a lifetime and i will never forget it. I am so very grateful to be a mother to my son Micah he is such a blessing to my life!



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