Tuesday, March 6, 2012

At the hospital AGAIN. April 5,2012

Well i'm at the hospital yet AGAIN! I went in yesterday April 5, 2012 and will not be going home for at least another 3 days if not more :/ Reason? Mr Micah thinks its time to come out!
and i was in labor but the nurses and my doctor stopped the labor thank
goodness although i was still contracting it's not as bad as it was! It's been So0ooooooo boring here though, i'm trying my best to entertain myself but it is really hard. Micah silly silly boy has had the hick ups 3 times! He's just like mom because i get them all the time. I am so very grateful for my fiance, friends, and family its been so nice to have them and have them visit me.. well i'm pretty clueless right now so i have to keep waiting and see what happens!

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